Beast Blood by M.A. Levi

As I have only read the second book of this series, my statements will only reflect this part of the series.

Werewolves, vampires, angels and demons fill the pages of Beast Blood. The story spans two different times: partly in 16th century Scotland and mostly in present day. A terrible prophecy looms over the life of Esmeralda, a Beast Blood. She like her husband Gabrio are a near immortal race of werewolves that live among mortal men but hide their true nature. As the story progresses we learn that dark forces are conspiring against them as a treacherous witch/ Beast Blood attempts to raise a powerful creature and carry out her nefarious plans.

While I enjoy apocalyptic tales and the more monsters the better, I had some issues reading this story. Where the author created an interesting background for these creatures, more often than not I felt that I was being told a story and not delving into one. There were times where I was told that someone was angry or afraid rather than being shown. This was a hiccup for me. Those kind of distractions make it hard to lose myself in the book. Fortunately the overall story left me wondering what was going on and how were the heroes going to save the day. Can’t start an epic tale and not see it through.

Beast Blood offers romance and intrigue, along with host of monsters who assemble for an end-of-days battle royale at its conclusion.

For those interested, you can find Beast Blood #2 here at Amazon.


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