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Nightwing About To Hit The Big Screen!

Today, Feb. 23rd, exciting news came from Hollywood. The most famous sidekick turned superhero, Nightwing, is poised make the leap from comics to film. This has been a character I have wanted to see, on television or the movie screen, for decades.

To those unfamiliar with the character, Nightwing is none other than Dick Grayson, formally known as Robin. After years of living under the shadow of the Bat, Robin spent time leading the Teen Titans, a group of former sidekicks themselves, through many adventures.

Years later, thanks to the great comic book writer Marv Wolfman, the Titans were re-imagined into a solid team of heroes in their own right.

How Robin grew into his current role as Nightwing came about during a story arc called the Judas Contract. The team was fractured by the villain Deathstroke. Young master Grayson started to lose his way. During this time, Batman informed Dick that if he couldn't come back and work by his side then he could no longer be Robin. It was a com…

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