I have a list of people I could do without. It's pretty broad. I haven't singled out individuals on this list, like the guy at work who sits on his ass sucking down coffee like a sponge then bitches when he gets asked to do his job. This is groups of people. Like Congress. What a bunch of blood-sucking creeps. Seriously. I get so much money a month to manage my family's lifestyle. If I go over and spend on shit that I don't need we suffer. Congress gets money to manage the country and when they overspend they bitch, whine and demand more. There is a group that needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

Other groups I can do without are drug dealers, pedophiles, rapists, and now... hackers.

To paraphrase Bette Midler from the movie Ruthless People they're a bunch of low-life, mother-fucking slimes.

Why the pissy attitude you say? Because just over a week ago I was bouncing from on-line searches for a new home for my family then back to my next book on my computer. Life was damned busy so there wasn't much writing going on but I managed to scratch out a few sentences each day. I saved my work a couple of times on a flash drive and knew I should have been more diligent but as I said... life was busy.

Then one day the family laptop got hinky. Not sure what it had but I felt it necessary to upgrade the anti-virus software. I picked up two solid products and loaded them on both the laptop and desk top. Things were at a state of ok. Four days later I open my files in the morning and start adding words throughout the day. I shut things done around lunch time. I go back after dinner and try to access my word files. They refuse to open. I try again. Nothing.

I start hunting. I go to Windows Explorer and open up my word docs... to see that they've all been converted to Crypt files. What in the fuck?

Yep, I got hit with ransomware. All of my personal files, my documents, pictures, kindle books on the computer, and even my Pathfinder portfolios for my weekend gaming sessions were corrupted. Talk about pissing me off.

So, some bug-fucking asshole thought it would be cute to send out an anonymous virus that encrypts files then demand money to fix it. What a winner. What a peach. What a lame little piece of shit. Who thinks this is a great way to spend the day? When I was a dumb-ass kid if I threw rocks at someone's window I got my ass beat and had to pay to fix it. But these turd munchers hide behind their computers, twirling their mustaches and giggle in seclusion. No one knows them, for the most part. And they can't even see the damage they've done unless someone pays up or goes on a rant like me. If neither happens they can only sit and jack themselves in hopes of something beautiful blossoms from their limp dicks. It's almost like if I wandered down to Seattle with a few nails in my hand and went to a random parking lot where I shoved those nails into a car tire. I race back home, slam my bedroom door shut and pretend I can see the face of the driver finding their flat tire. Well, that's crazy exciting. I enjoy fantasy as much as the next guy but that shit is fucked up.

What a waste of precious oxygen. These snot-sucking idiots are as brave and forthright as those pathetic suicide bombers who run into a public place full of unaware and unarmed civilians and blow themselves up. Absolute waste of DNA on their parent's part. If I could locate them and go back in time I'd perform vasectomies on their fathers with a coat hanger and a blow torch.

I've hunted for ways to unlock my files without playing the victim to the smegheads. Hopefully I can crack the code. I've got a good friend who subs out as a programmer for the government. He loves this shit. Maybe he can track the bastards down and crack some skulls. That I'd pay full price to watch and even splurge on the popcorn.

So until I can unlock my files it's re-write time for a chunk of my book. And as you can probably guess, Kyle and any other monster I create will be chewing up a pile of hackers... maybe a couple dozen per book just as an appetizer.


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