Full Moon Blitz

I wrote Frenzy almost ten years ago. I had all kinds of ideas of where to take the story after the dust settled and the blood cooled. Some were intriguing. Others just a fun notion. None of them stuck.

After publishing Frenzy I looked through reams of notebooks searching for that next stage and came up short. Really? Shouldn't they still pop and sparkle like they did so long ago?

Like many ideas they had their time. They captured my thoughts and imagination early on but I've grown since then. What once was important to me has changed. I spiraled out of a toxic marriage and landed in the loving embrace of someone special. Kids that used to sit and watch cartoons all day have grown up and left the nest. Times changed and so have I.

So, as I looked over the notes and where I ended the first book the next stage in Kyle's journey started to take hold. The world has changed for him as well. Smoking is now illegal in public places. Everyone has some sort of camera on their person so no place is safe. There is a government body creating wolf soldiers. He's now linked to them. This makes him a loose end. A liability. There is a mess to clean up. Life is about to get way more constricted.

But what about a title for the new book in progress? What would invoke some of the urgency pressing against him? What might tell the perspective reader that this book is going to pack a punch.. along with some vicious fang and claw action? It took several attempts to come up with the title. Much like the core of the plot. So, as the blog title states, the next chapter in Kyle's struggle to recapture his humanity and make amends for the damage he has done will be called:

Full Moon Blitz
For all of you classic rockers, there is a song in the title. Play it in your head and feel the beat. It drives the song. It pounds through the plot. It motivates the fingers and brain from word to sentence to chapter. It will still take some time to kick this one out but it's growing on me. Stay tuned for an occasional peek and tidbit!


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