Hello. Good Morning. How y'all dong?

This is my new blog and my way of linking the work I am producing with the outside world. I've spent some time typing away at stories and under the belief that once they were done I would need to play the waiting game as I hope for each to be published. But after a trip to the local chapter of the Romance Writer's Association, I learned differently.

That's right... I was hanging out with romance writers. On request from my longtime and dear friend Jill I went as her guest to listen and learn. Was a little awkward at first because I was the only guy in the room. But after a few kind words from some of the ladies I realized that I was among like minds and spirits. Even though we gravitate toward different genres, we all were dreamers and longed to tell our tales.

They brought in a guest, author Gerri Russell, who dropped a few jaws with her experience in self-publishing. No longer were writers strapped to the long waits and crushing disappointments of hoping that one of the Big 5 would pick up their book and send it to the top of the best seller's list. Now, through multiple companies, we can publish our work, conduct ourselves as business entities, market the stories, and monitor the sales with little to no aid from anyone else.

Now it's not as easy as one might think but with some research and assistance, writers can get their work out quickly and reap the rewards of their labor. This means the novel I wrote a few years ago, Frenzy, will be out for consumption soon and I can't wait for the feedback. I'm aware that sales will not skyrocket and that not everyone will like my work but I have to start somewhere.

As I progress, I will drop some details as to what is going on and some tidbits about the book but until then I wanted to leave an inspirational word from comedian Steve Harvey. I found this on Facebook and was invigorated instantly afterwards. Steve discusses with the studio audience after his taping of Family Feud on something he calls "Jumping". It struck a strong cord with me and I hope it does the same with many others.

Later all!


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