Ninja Writers Unite!

To help continue mastering this craft (which would take multiple lifetimes) I've been following other writers' blogs and came upon one led be a very enthusiastic writer,

Shaunta Grimes hosts her blog, What Is A Plot with vim and vigor. She dubs everyone Ninja Writers and asks everyone to set their sights on making their manuscripts the best that they can be. She also is hosting a plotting course that I'm hoping to get into. Anything to help keep me on the straight and narrow, so to speak. Seriously, coming up with ideas isn't so heard but keeping them exciting and gripping, pulling readers along for several hundred pages is a challenge. Honing my skills makes sense and to anyone wishing to do the same, follow the link below:

As much as I love writing, sometimes plotting out  the story from beginning to end wraps my brain in mush. Some people may think that there is some secret formula for anyone to write a perfect manuscript. There isn't. There are guidelines. There are patterns. But it's up to each writer to fill in the blanks the best that they can.
So here is to furthering my education.


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