Frenzy Now In Paperback

It took some time but for me it was worth it. Frenzy is now available in paperback through  Createspace and independent vendors on Amazon. I ordered several copies for home and family and was pleased with the quality. It also feels so damned awesome holding a "hard' copy in my hands. After years of writing, re-writing and editing having the honest to god back in hand makes it so worth it.

For all that are interested, the base cost is $11.99. It varies from vendor to vendor so check out all stores before purchasing.

To any that buy the book I say "Thank you!" in advance and hope that you enjoy it. Also, please visit Frenzy's Amazon page and drop a review. I have a few and some that are very honest. They were blunt in places and me being a new author appreciated them very much. Hearing how people perceive the book helps me focus on areas I've done well and others I have fumbled. All writers need reviews and feedback. It means the world to us.

Here's hoping you enjoy the book and look forward to the next chapter in the Fury's Road Chronicles.


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