Furry Fury: Amazon Countdown Deal

Today I'm testing out two things. First is a little attempt at an author's brand. The more I've read and scoured for knowledge on this elusive detail, the hungrier I've become. They say (and I refer to the countless writers, editors, coaches, marketing experts, etc.) that anyone trying to sell a product - whether it be intellectual or physical - they need to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack with a Brand.

So I have decided, being a fan of the werewolves and other dangerous furry critters, that I'm going to try out a (hopefully) catchy tag before each of my posts. Furry Fury had a ring to it. It calls out haunting howls to the wolves I adore. It also stems from a nickname I picked up from an author friend a number of years ago. Thank you, Grammar Goddess. That would be Alice Loweecey. If you're a fan of mysteries (Nun Too Soon) and gothic horror (The Redeemers ) you should check out her work.

Secondly, I've started a Kindle Countdown Promotion for Frenzy. For the next two days the Kindle price will be reduced. All the guns, gore, and werewolf action galore discounted for easy consumption. It's been out there for three months so it's about time for a shameless plug.

And for any non-Kindle types the book is also available in paperback at Amazon. As convenient as a Kindle is I still enjoy thumbing through a real book. Call me old fashioned. I don't care.


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