Never Edit Your Muse

I got to meet several local authors a few years ago at a book signing. Lauren DaneCaitlin Kittredge , and Mark Henry sat at a small table surrounded by books for the taking. Having them held captive for a few moments I took the opportunity to ask for some writing advice. Of what was said, Mark's comment struck me the most:

Don't edit yourself.

Now wait a moment? Isn't that one of the keys to successful writing? Shouldn't I triple check my manuscript for grammar errors, stupid typos, inconsistencies in plot? Yes, but that's not what he meant. Simply put, Mark meant don't strangle your muse.

All too often, I find myself questioning whether or not my ideas are good. Will they catch some attention? Are they sound and reasonable for good-natured folks? That starts me down the rabbit hole and whatever crazy idea I had for a story is buried before it can see the light of day.

When crafting a story, it's those wild inspirations that become page-turning stories. You should never let that internal editor stifle your creativity. Let those wild ideas fly. Follow them, feed them, encourage them and see where they take you. That's part of the joy of writing. When you let social conventions and current trends dictate what or how you write then you kill your muse and your readers will know it.

So take Mark's advice and let your Fiction Freak Flag fly!


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