Plotting Out The Next Chapter

Work on book two of the Fury's Road Chronicles is starting to take shape. I really enjoy the exploration process, the "what if" game as I try to approach each step, each major plot point, how the characters act and over react to the changes around them. Day one got some ideas in order:

Not as much as I had hoped for but started to get a strong feel of where the story will take Kyle. It's not a pretty journey but what would one expect for a roaming werewolf to do.

Today filled out rather well:

Encapsilated some fun scenes around the plot points and wrapped the whole story up in a sinister bow.

And yes, I do have a computer but this works so well for me. I got the idea from old concert footage of David Bowie (God rest his soul) during his Ziggy Stardust days. He wrote out a slough of lyrics then cut them into strips of paper. From there he arranged them in an order that intrigued him. Couldn't argue with his process because hey... it was Bowie. He enjoyed decades of success and I hope to follow suit.

Tomorrow should be time to write out a solid, fluid synopsis that will work as my road map for the next book.

Here's to writing!


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